An Ode to Event Services

2018 is upon us, however in event company offices across the country and very much including ours…there has been no sign of slowing down. Who has who on the Secret Santa is something that takes a backseat (but definitely not forgotten!), the phones continue to ring, the requests and queries keep flowing in and out. At this time of the year when everything else seems to be slowing down, things only seem to speed up for us. And we love it.

An Ode to Event Services

In Football the Christmas period is one of the busiest in the season calendar, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day matches being tradition and sometimes the most anticipated event of the holiday season for supporters! Here is where our work and commitment to what we do shine through more than ever. Between December 23rd and January 1st our stewarding, security and traffic management services will be deployed across seven clubs up and down the country. Covering fourteen matches, overall in December we were in place at nineteen.

A thank you goes to Staffing teams; you are major piece in the logistical puzzle. Delivering and sometimes persuading staff to take up shifts and organising their transport is no easy task, during event days you are the point of call for all staff members. Anything can happen on these days and you’re always there to take it in stride and work with all that events throw. You are the puppeteers to the show and your work does not go amiss.

Safety Officers, at a time of the year where people focus unwinding and relaxing you do have one of the most intense jobs. With the world we live in today, security and the safety of those attending and working on match days and events is the highest priority. The time of year does not influence the issues that a likely to come up during a match. At the end of the day, you do a fantastic job of keeping thousands of workers and members of the general public safe. The unsung heroes.

Lastly, Stewards and Security, without you stadiums would not be able to open their doors. Your roles are so vital to the match day experience. During the festive period your presence means that much more, we can’t thank you enough!

This list could continue on, to all areas that go unmentioned, know that…we thank you for your tireless efforts!