Liverpool HVM Solutions a ‘Giant’ Success!

October 6th-7th StadiumTM were honoured to be a part of the security parameters for the Giants in Liverpool. The Giants, brought to life by French arts company, Royal de Luxe did a 20 mile parade route around the centre of Liverpool.

StadiumTM was on hand to help protect the crowded spaces that formed over the weekend. It was estimated post event by Liverpool City Council that 1.3 million people had traveled to the Liverpool area alone to enjoy the event. Deploying HVM Solution in key areas of the city where crowded spaces were vulnerable to vehicle access.

The parade was a farewell to Liverpool as it would be the last time the Giants would make their round of the city after two previous successful trips in 2012 and 2014. This year’s event was a part of Liverpool’s 2018 campaign marking the 10th anniversary of the city’s spell as European Capital of Culture