On the way up with Wolves!

The weather set the perfect scene yesterday in Wolverhampton as a sea of black and gold lined the streets for the open roof top bus Wolverhampton Wanderers promotion parade!

The atmosphere was incredible as the Wanderers paraded to mark their return to the Premier League after a six season absence. StadiumTM stewards walked up with the two buses to the end destination of West Park, the route began with a grand reception on Lichfield Street outside of the Art Gallery. The company being used to such scenes as they walked up with the Burnley FC bus after their 2009 Premier League promotion.

It was only in the 2017/18 season that StadiumTM started a contract with Wolverhampton Wanderers providing Stewards and Traffic Management on match days.

David McAtamney from StadiumTM says “It has been a fantastic season for us as a company and it is always the icing on the cake to see one of our clubs promoted and to able to be a part of such celebrations. The atmosphere, the fans and citizens of Wolverhampton were fantastic throughout the season and on the bus route. We’re proud to be a part of the Wolverhampton Wanderers community.”

Stewarding the bus however was not the only role StadiumTM played in the celebrations. Operationally the company was key in the parades’ production and the overall safety of nearly an estimated 100 000 attendees. The company working closely with Wolverhampton Council to ensure nothing went amiss. In the week leading up to the Parade, the Party in the Park 30 000 tickets sold out in just under an hour.

StadiumTM’s strengths in Traffic Management were showcased as the company implemented a traffic management plan for the parade route and area covering from West Park, Molineux Stadium and Queen Square.

Colin Parr, Head of Business Services from Wolverhampton Council, “Stadium TM are well known in Wolverhampton for their valuable work ensuring that football fans can safely access the Molineux to watch Wolves play. When we began planning the parade to celebrate Wolves winning the Championship, it soon became clear that we needed the services of a traffic management company. Stadium TM’s demonstration of their Surface Guard system and experience in open-top bus parades reassured us that they would help protect the 80,000 people who attended the event. We’re very grateful to Stadium TM for their hard work and fast responses to the quickly changing plans.”

Apart from the large scale traffic management plan, the largest UK deployment of temporary HVM barriers was carried out. Over 100m of the Surface Guard system was installed in six locations surrounding Queen Square and Wolverhampton City Centre. The barrier was the ideal solution for the nature of the event as thousands gathered, temporary event security was paramount.

StadiumTM would like to thank Wolverhampton Council for their fantastic work and cooperation leading up to the event.

The event showcased the diversity of services StadiumTM can cater to; StadiumTM aiming and delivering as a one stop event solution provider. Ensuring seamless delivery, security and safety of events is what drives them forward. To bring people together is the end goal.