Screening and Strengthening Recruitment Processes-It’s Key

Across the country football grounds must abide by the Sport Ground Safety Associations (SGSA) Green Guide which states all Stewards must be working towards and then have obtained an NVQ Level 2 in Spectator Safety within the first 12 months of the role.

Holding the appropriate qualifications is important but is no longer the only piece to the puzzle that ensures stewards are suitable for the role.  The recruitment process from how prospective stewards go from application to stewarding within stadiums has become a hot topic.

The screening of staff and knowing they are fit to work; physically, mentally and legally plays a huge role.

Using thorough approaches in recruitment within this industry as stated in the title-is key. Technology has contributed to the shift in the recruitment approach. Why? For the security of an event, allowing just anyone to work raises questions and allows those individuals with ill intentions to target a recruitment process that is weak or slack.

At StadiumTM we take pride in ensuring our recruitment process provides candidates with all the information they need to become successful Stewards and possess a rounded understanding of the importance of the role. Alongside this we take an equal amount of pride in our rigorous system which not only ensures our successful candidates are serious about being StadiumTM Event Professionals but deterring candidates with potentially sinister intentions. Akin to how thorough searches go a long way in deterring fans from bringing prohibited or illegal items into our stadia! Below is a very concise overview of our 10 stage recruitment process;

  1. Candidate pre-screening questions
  2. CV screening
  3. Telephone interview
  4. Face to face interview
  5. Documents analysed and candidates put through our Right to Work app
  6. Compulsory group training sessions
  7. All Candidates profiles are reviewed by two members of the recruitment team
  8. Successful candidates are signed off and introduced to the staffing team
  9. Paid trail shift
  10. A follow up call after their first shift

Internally as mentioned we use Rightcheck, a Right to Work app that is a smart solution based solely online and removes the paper work. In the UK, employers have the duty to ensure who they’re employing has legal right to work. The app falls in the legislative requirements set by the government and data being secure throughout the process.

To support our internal Right to Work procedures a number of our Head Office staff have completed training in both Project Argus and Terror Document Awareness. The training delivered and supported by NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office).

Meeting prospective employees face-to-face and engaging with them doesn’t only build rapport but gives an idea to who they are. This being very important, the role of stewarding has evolved over time from a very safety based asset on a match day to a very customer based role when delivering a match day experience to fans. Stewards are some of the first people fans now encounter.

Our Recruitment and Training team are regularly assisted by the Event Day Management team which enables the Operational team to identify strong candidates. This providing a fresh prospective and aids the team in giving and accurate representation of the roles and responsibilities. Regular site visits provide not only an exciting day out but authenticity in the information being delivered by the recruitment team and new ideas. Our recruitment days are continually developing, this being due to the passion we have in providing industry leading support and knowledge to all of our candidates.

Stewarding itself can be a physically and mentally demanding job; on paper Stewarding can appear straightforward. However, if it were to come to an emergency situation unfolding at an event or stadium, the stewards recruited must be able to handle and cope with such demands as to how to direct people calmly and in a straightforward manner. The safety of themselves and the crowd being paramount. For us as a company, knowing prospective employees have been screened to such an extent and ensuring the capabilities are there reassures all pre-emptive measures have been taken.