StadiumTM serves and secures the Fever-Tree Championships

A fantastic week for the StadiumTM HVM barrier team as they secured major entrances and the perimeter of the Fever-Tree Championships at Queens Tennis Club in central London.

The tournament is in the run up to Wimbledon and despite the early exit from Andy Murray spirits were high around the venue throughout the week. The tournament saw around 60 000 attendees over the course of the event (18th-24th) with an average of 10 000 attendees each day.

The system deployed for the event to meet the suitable pedestrian permeable requirements was one of our HVM solutions, the ATG Access Surface Guard. The barriers were deployed in four locations around the two main event attendee entrances and in vulnerable crowded spaces. At one of the main entrances nearly two thirds of the daily venue capacity passing through the barriers.

The club is fantastically situated, being a minutes’ walk from Barons Court underground station surrounded by leafy residential area the Surface Guard system blends into the environment, the appearance of entering a fortified zone being virtually non-existent. All attendees, including emergency vehicle access and residents of houses within the perimeter being able, with authorisation to pass through the barriers at the vehicle access point.

Working closely alongside the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and safety officers on site the work delivered by StadiumTM was commendable and the equipment impressed both tournament attendees and staff. Working closely with all stakeholders in the process to ensure safety and requirements are met is something we strongly emphasise and implement into all of our work.

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