StadiumTM welcomes Warwick University students

Starting university can be a nerve wracking experience, for both soon-to-be student and parent! Settling into student accommodation and being one of thousands starting their university journey can sometimes be stressful; additionally it can be a very first impression for parents.

StadiumTM supported Warwick University at their welcoming weekend (September 22nd-23rd) by deploying forty stewards across seven sites on campus. Managing traffic flow, ensuring everyone was at their allocated location and providing a welcoming and positive experience to the newcomers.

Services including; Car Park Management, Traffic Management and Stewards, providing support to Warwick Student Helpers and on-site staff.

Over the weekend thousands of cars entered the campus and StadiumTM delivered. Working with the university since the winter of 2017, StadiumTM supports the campus currently with Facilities Management services; Cleaning and Traffic Management.