StadiumTM’s Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

As we employ more than 250 people we are required to publish an annual gender pay gap report, displaying the difference in average female earnings compared to average male earnings.

The mean gender pay gap is 16.2%.

The median gender pay gap is 0%.

Our Statement

We are very pleased to announce the company has no gender pay gap since the median hourly rate of pay is the same for both men and women. Our company policy states that both men and women will receive equal pay on all roles which is reflected in these results.

The mean gender pay gap is (16.2%) which shows that our female average earnings are more than men within the company. This has resulted from 71% of our Head Office positions being made up by women. This is significantly better than the national average which has men earning more than women.

Although the results of our gender pay gap analysis are extremely positive, we will not become complacent. We will keep our own performance in this area under ongoing review and seek to continuously improve the experience of all of our staff in respect of equality, diversity and inclusion.

You can find the full report on our Policies & Publications web page.