Stewarding: Maintaining Brand and Match Day Expectations

To quote the Green Guide “…stewards should always be aware of, and ensure the care, comfort and well-being of all categories of spectators.” Stewards are integral to the safety and safety management team of the stadium or event.

Whilst being the watchful eyes of the crowd and stadium areas, Stewards become integral to the attendees experience. Being a member of the event day team Stewards become a part of the event day brand. Behaviour, interaction and the professionalism of stewards can greatly impact the view of an overall event day experience for event attendees. Stadiums and teams can gain a reputation impacting their brand from security measures, food & drink service, transport/parking and event day staff.

It is important for us as external providers of stewards that we are providing persons that will be both vigilant and excellent brand ambassadors for both our company and our clients. Throughout our recruitment processes we ensure that those who are welcomed to the StadiumTM team fulfill customer service requirements and can meet those expectations.

The jacket may remain the same at every game but the client can change and stewards must be adaptable to the crowds, the stadiums and the people. It must be remembered, stewards themselves, clients and the company have a role to play in achieving and surpassing expectations of event attendees. We at StadiumTM aim to always deliver and surpass.