The ATG Access Surface Guard Barriers at Burnley FC!

Our Surface Guard HVM Barriers manufactured by ATG Access made their debut this past Saturday at their first Premier League club and match day. The 38 metres of barrier attracted a lot of interest from the fans with people taking photos on and of the barriers themselves and supporting their installation. Post-match fans stated on social media they were pleased to see the club investing in such security measures on a match day and that the barriers looked great. A goal of the product being met as the intent of these barriers is to not impose or create an intimidating look for those entering the crowded space.

In addition not only did pedestrian footfall take place on the barriers but hoof fall also! The Lancashire Constabulary were onsite and their horses took on the barriers with ease. Lastly, police motorbikes were able to cross successfully.

We couldn’t have delivered and installed without our barriers teams. They did fantastic work despite the cold weather, well done all. The teams will be busy again next Sunday when Burnley take on Arsenal. Here’s a video of the barriers in action!

Photo credit: Julian Brown Photography