The Importance of Customer Service in Stadium Security

Security and Stewarding may conjure the images of tall, intimidating, persons on the door of a establishment or building being quite blunt in how they go about saying who is in and who is out. This is changing, developing and the emphasis of customer service is growing in these areas. Especially in sport and major events, not only for security related reasons but from a fan engagement and relationship experience.

The power a hi-vis jacket has is strong and is a symbol of influence and help when in a crowded place. The powers of this jacket are to not be abused for if it were to come to a security threat or evacuation, that hi-vis must have the crowds respect and their trust to direct them to safety.  Not to mention the crowd must feel comfortable approaching with a query or an urgent request.

Approachability underlying all, Security and Stewards need to feel comfortable approaching and talking to fans and event-goers. This can be for a number of reasons:

  • Building a rapport with fans, if a regular security member or steward at a ground this allows them to build relationships based on trust. This allowing there to be trust for fans to approach staff and report strange or untoward behaviour or potential security threats.
  • Security itself, communicating with various members of the public will allow behaviour to be noticed that may have not been realised prior to conversation. Gut instinct can play a role in this.
  • Talking and engaging with people, not to say lose track of their role but it can make someone’s day.

Why do I say this is a growing and changing area? Sport and the sporting cultures are changing, not drastically but slowly. The culture and the ideals coming from a more North Americanised system per-se where clubs want to build fan relationships. This making events and match days a family day experience which will cover a longer period of time pre, during and post-match. Pre match or event briefings being vital and for staff to learn about the venue and event is very important.

We as a company are large part of those match day experiences, helping, directing, protecting and serving not only those attending but the client. Maintaining stakeholder relationships is key, the stakeholders being the client (club or event), the company itself, fans, those living in the residing areas and the staff themselves.  Customer service being at the heart of everything that we do.