UK Security Expo: Lessons Learned and Industry Trends

November 29th saw the first day of the UK Security Expo and taking place was the Major Events & Stadium Security Conference. The conference hosted a number of different speakers from all around the world and panels covering a variety of topics. Topics including: training, drones, prevention, risk assessments and planning. From the day, here are a few industry trends and major points that need to be of focus in the current climate.

Training, Training, Training:

  • The most important asset you have when dealing in security and safety of thousands of people is…people themselves.
  • How Stewards and SIA Security are trained to work in these environments, customer engagement being core to this.
  • Security should know WHAT exactly they are looking for; Stewards both mentally and physically need to be prepared for anything they could be faced with.
  • Underlying all of this is maintaining high customer service levels.
  • Customer engagement itself can deter. The further engagement from your staff on the ground will lead to easier detection when picking up on untoward behaviour or activity.
  • Observations SHOULD take place, observing staff on shift and how they work, are they meeting standards?
  • Staff briefed continuously and reminded WHO they work for and WHO they report to.
  • These positions are vital to the safety of thousands, communication and training being vital
  • Not only should you be conscious of the staff on the ground but the ‘gatekeepers’, vetting and recruiting staff. Document awareness and creating a culture that goes against ‘jacket filling’ is paramount. Using gut instinct playing a role in this, intuition being one of the strongest tools.



  • Before anything happens and needs to be communicated, 4 bases need to be covered (Everbridge, 2017)
  • Type, Predictability, Cause and Scope.
  • In sport stadia what that can occur if there is lack of communication or plan: self-evacuation, stampede/crushing or riot/brawl with numerous other possible scenarios.
  • Ensuring your resources are in working order and protected via cyber security methods this including: announcement systems, screens, radios and door/barrier systems.
  • The importance of training and communicating properly with staff going hand-in-hand with this.



  • In both staff and resources.
  • The technological possibilities when it comes to stadia security are endless.
  • Drones are becoming both a threat and a brilliant way of managing major event and stadium security.
  • Drones do have strict guidelines to follow plus there must be a pilot but the investment and security power drones hold are superior to that of fixed CCTV cameras.
  • Apps, only one football club in the UK have an app that hosts documents and profiles of banned supporters. This not only helping fans identify anti-social behaviours but it to builds on relationships with local authorities.
  • Staff, the quality of training received is an investment in not only them but your company as a whole.
  • Cutting corners in your investment of staff can result in much larger problems, this being in stadium and organisationally.
  • Innovate in your staff training and vetting procedures, for example the app Rightcheck.


From all of these lessons and trends this highly resonates with what we at StadiumTM do, we are gatekeepers to sport stadiums and events. We aim to be ahead of the curve; this being demonstrated by the use of the Rightcheck app, our in-house training division (established in 2013) and the drive to ensure our staff have strong customer service skills. We recognise the industry is rapidly changing in various ways, to keep ahead is the goal and it is our drive here within the company.