What a week! StadiumTM weathers the snow!

The past week and weekend demonstrated why we are truly Team StadiumTM. Every team within the company on both the ground and in office working together to make sure Saturday March 3rd was a success. Originally there being five matches scheduled where StadiumTM were to be present.

Each day of the week proved different weather conditions and uncertainty as to how certain areas of the country were to deal with the snow and cold. Our Barclaycard team received excellent feedback as they went above and beyond in their roles by gritting areas and snow clearing. The Thursday saw a number of our team members in Burnley be called upon for snow shoveling duties at Turf Moor! This being requested by Burnley and it was excellent to see team members step up and aid in the clearing. Displaying our commitment and how we wish to deliver to our clients when in need. We go above and beyond, adding value to our service.

Our recruitment team did fantastic work throughout February delivering recruitment and training across the country. Ensuring staffs were prepared for their first shifts and providing further numbers for our target areas.

As Saturday rolled around we saw the weather be too poor for both Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers with two of the five games cancelled. Our staffing team adapting to the changes made having done a stellar job in the weeks leading up to the 3rd making sure that numbers were to be met on the weekend. Great work team!

Lastly, one of the most impressive stories of the week comes from our HR Director, Lorraine Baillie. Snowed in at home she started making her way to Liverpool for the Saturday match on Friday afternoon! The pictures proving the incredible amount of snowfall! For us here at StadiumTM the show must go on no matter what!