Fever Tree Championships

Each year, the Fever-Tree Championships at the Queen’s Club, West Kensington, London, sets the stage for one of the largest and most well-known Tennis Opens in the world: Wimbledon. Each year the event grows, and with that the responsibility to keep its visitors safe increases, too.

In June 2018 and 2019, Stadium completed a week’s deployment of the ATG Access Surface Guard at The Fever Tree Championship. The Surface Guard was deployed in four locations and covers sixty metres: surrounding the Club’s two main entrances, and at two further, particularly vulnerable, areas of crowded space.

Within the four deployments, we installed two vehicle access points – which allowed residents, tournament vehicles, deliveries and emergency vehicles to make their way through with authorisation. Our barrier team-members remained with the equipment at all times in order to enforce compliance, and those stationed at vehicle access points were in radio contact with tournament operators.

Today, the risk of vehicle attacks is widely prevalent and poses a high threat and therefore it is imperative for the Tournament, based at the heart of Baron’s Court in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, to use temporary HVM solutions. The Queens Club’s location, which is set within a residential area, is very open and vulnerable – and the high profile of the event creates a risk.

The barriers not only enhanced the security of the event, but also positively impacted residents living within the secured area. During prior events, traffic managed to travel down the roads and around the venue, affecting the residents’ parking options and disrupting crowd movement. With the barriers in place, cars and critical infrastructure were protected, and the road became pedestrianised.

Our traffic management services and CSAS (Community Safety Accreditation Scheme) Operatives ensure traffic disruption is kept to a minimum, visitors are directed swiftly and securely to the venue, and residents are happy.

For instance, Bill Howell, a Baron’s Court resident, told us: “I am pleased to say that, during the whole of the Fever-Tree tennis tournament at Queens Club, it was pleasing to note that the team from Stadium – who were responsible for erecting and dismantling the HVM barriers – took the time to consider the residents in Perham Rd, with amicable exchanges and procedures discussed in dept”.

Wolverhampton Wanderers & End of Season promotions Parade

The 2017/18 season was our very first season working with Wolverhampton Wanderers. It was a very successful one both for Stadium and the club itself – as they were promoted to the Premiership for the 2018/19 season!

Our relationship with the club began in our providing Stewards and SIA security personnel from July 2017; we provided this service throughout the season for each match. For every fixture, we provided sixty-five staff members to meet the requirements on Traffic Management, Stewards & Licensed Security Officers.

In October, the club – with support from Wolverhampton Council – approached Stadium to implement and provide Traffic Management (TM) services on every match day. The main street passing the club’s Molineux stadium, Waterloo Road, was the site of the major road closure. The road is a busy thoroughfare and closure thus provided challenges – but we met these successfully.

For example, closing the Waterloo Car Park ninety minutes prior to kick off meant that for the first time supporters were required to arrive and park well in advance of  kick-off. This change was the first of its kind at the club, and it required the carefully application of change management techniques. Elsewhere, a neighbouring supermarket car park and store had to be kept open and accessible – so our TM planners altered the design of the plan accordingly.

Overall, the new TM plan was very successful and has improved the safety of the match-day experience for all Wolverhampton Wanderers fans.

Promotion Parade

Our work with the council and club did not finish at the final whistle of the last home game! Due to the success of the Match Day TM plan and Stewarding, a number of our services were used by Wolverhampton City Council for the Wolverhampton Wanderers Promotion Parade.

We were honoured to operate and lead the open-top bus route, secure the city centre with our HVM Barrier solutions and operate the TM for the city-wide event. This was a complex event, and the HVM Barrier deployment was the largest temporary deployment in the UK to date. 130m of ATG Access Surface Guard was deployed in six locations surrounding the city centre. This secured the space and allowed 80,000 event attendees to enjoy the event in a safe space.

Our stewards, operations managers and TM Truck proudly led the two open-top buses through the city. The atmosphere was incredible and it was a fantastic event to be a part of.

Colin Parr, Head of Business Services at Wolverhampton City Council, told us: “Stadium are well known in Wolverhampton for their valuable work ensuring that football fans can safely access the Molineux to watch Wolves play. When we began planning the parade to celebrate Wolves winning the Championship, it soon became clear that we needed the services of a traffic management company. Stadium’s demonstration of their Surface Guard system and experience in open-top bus parades reassured us that they would help protect the 80,000 people who attended the event.

“We’re very grateful to Stadium for their hard work and fast responses to the quickly changing plans.”

Burnley FC

Match Day services

On match days at Burnley, Stadium supplies around 100 staff. Our traffic management arm are responsible for implementing the Match-Day Traffic Management Plan at Turf Moor, operating the necessary road closures and directing vehicles along diversion routes or to the assigned car park. The car parks at Turf Moor are in turn operated by our Car Park stewarding team who will supervise the organisation of the vehicles parked.

Our Crowd Management arm, meanwhile, provides the stewards responsible for ensuring crowd safety and providing customer services for spectators seated in the stadium.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Barriers

We install and provide our HVM Barriers on match days. Thanks to our expert team, Burnley is the first football club to use the unique ATG Access Surface Guard Barrier System – an innovative step forward in crowd safety and protection.

London Olympics

For this prestige event of such huge importance to both London and the UK as a whole, Stadium allocated 700 accredited staff to provide traffic management, stewarding and security services to 24 venues across North & East London for the duration of the London Games.

Our locations included the Olympic village itself and 20 other Training Venues, including the Media Hub at Russell Square, Wimbledon and Hyde Park.

We were able to deploy 240 staff from within our own organisation – who lived outside of London, with accommodation and shuttle buses to transport them to and from their allocated sites each day – and also recruited accredited additional staff with the required skill sets.

All this was achieved within the time frame required by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG). Our services contributed hugely to the safety and security of each of the locations at which we were present – and we are hugely proud of the part we played in achieving such a successful games.

Liverpool FC

We have supplied Liverpool FC with Traffic Management services since 2012, with average attendances of 54,000. We are responsible for Anfield Stadium’s traffic management operation, and the stadium footprint, and have around 100 stewards inside the ground on match days. This work stretches to the biggest games: in April 2019, for example, we supplied 250 staff for Liverpool’s astonishing performance against Barcelona in the Champion’s League semi-final.

We operate Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO) in accordance with the set traffic management plan, and handle the parking-up of away coaches across designated areas to ensure the walkways are made safe as spectators enter and egress from the stadium.

We also implement a pass-access system on certain road closure points for exclusive parking areas in the vicinity of the stadium, ensuring VIPs are able to access as required in accordance with the club’s wishes.

Overall, we deliver around 190 operatives to Anfield. Our staff-members act as the first port of call for visitors to the stadium, placing great emphasis and importance on the quality of our service. To ensure an all-round high quality operation, we provide our staff with customer service skills of the highest standard through our thorough training regime.

The quality and consistency of our service over the years means we have regularly been called upon to offer ad-hoc security and stewarding requirements in a variety of contexts. As with all our customer relationships, we’re very proud of the positive and productive links we have fostered at Liverpool FC and Anfield itself.

Godiva Festival

The Godiva music festival itself is an event provided by Coventry Council and has been running for the last 15 years. The year of 2014 saw record attendances, with 125,000 park visits made over the course of the three-day event, with a peak attendance of 20,000 at 10pm on the 5th July – when headline act Happy Mondays performed.

In that year, Stadium was responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the festival site’s vehicle traffic, which flows into and out of the site via a one-way traffic management system.

As part of achieving this aim, we were responsible for enacting council-approved temporary road closures on public highways as part of a wider traffic management plan. We worked alongside key providers such as the police, emergency services and council representatives in order to implement the plan smoothly and with minimal disruption.

Our remit included ensuring over 3,000 cars were parked in an orderly fashion in the designated car park field – and could egress from the park in an efficient and safe manner. The event was a complete success, on this and every other metric!

Following the event, the senior Stadium team met with Coventry City Council’s Events Production Manager for a debriefing in which we provided detailed feedback on the overall operation. Here we highlighted areas that could be improved and suggested innovative solutions that could possibly be implemented for the following annual event. This is part of the way in which we add value to our service – and ensure that every future event is as safe or even safer than the one before it.

In 2019, we deployed temporary hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) barriers in four locations to secure the perimeter of the Memorial Park, Coventry from vehicle ramming attacks.

The HVM barriers were manned to allow swift access to emergency vehicles, utility vehicles, staff and entertainers.