Skills and knowledge matter. In security, understanding how to keep different types of space, event or crowd safe is the difference between real and illusory security. We’re dedicated to up-skilling security personnel across the country, so that we can all feel safer wherever we are.

Our training courses are aimed squarely at maintaining – and exceeding – industry-set standards. By sharing our experiences and know-how, we can all improve our skills and capacities – in other words, training is all about enhancing our expertise.

Over our years of operation, everyone at Stadium has been dedicated each day to excellence. That means that we’ve built up a huge bank of knowledge about security provision – and we feel a duty to share that experience, with anyone who like us cares about event and crowd safety.

Our workshops and courses are delivered expressly with the learner in mind, and in a variety of locations and formats across the UK. We do this so that training can be both productive and convenient for our clients. It’s too important not to be.

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