Bespoke Workshops – National and International

Security can be a complicated business. That’s why we’re here to up-skill your team and equip them with the knowledge they need to keep your events, and your people, safe.

The best kit and the surest strategies are only as good as the people who make use of them. That’s why we offer bespoke workshops that help train your people in the core concepts of keeping people – and places – secure.

Our expert team of qualified trainers will devise a training programme that fits precisely to your organisation’s particular circumstances. We don’t do training for the sake of it. We deliver workshops to make a difference.

That targeted approach will ensure that your people are trained in the approaches and applications most relevant to your work. We’ll go through the equipment you’ll use and the scenarios in which you’ll use it. We’ll equip you to keep attendees and sites alike as safe as you need to.

Security solutions are about responsiveness. They can be shaped to your space, to your identified risks, to the needs of your attendees. Our bespoke workshops operate in the same way: we deliver them with only you in mind.

Case studies

British NFL fans kept safe by Stadium

Fans attending NFL games in London over the past two years have been kept safe thanks to Stadium’s security services and HVM barriers.

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Merseyrail – customer service to help train passengers

Merseyrail is an urban network of vital importance to the transport infrastructure of the Liverpool City Region, operating on the Wirral and Northern lines. It is one of the most punctual and reliable railway networks in the UK, with consistently high scores for customer satisfaction.

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ICC Cricket World Cup – Lord’s

Stadium was tasked with providing hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) barriers during four matches in the Cricket World Cup, and the Second Test of the 2019 Ashes between England and Australia.

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Fever Tree Championships

The Fever-Tree Championships at Queens Tennis is the lead up tournament to one of the largest and most well-known Tennis Opens in the world, Wimbledon.

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BBC Biggest Weekend

The BBC Biggest Weekend was held on the second May Bank Holiday Weekend, the initiative taking place across four cities in the UK.

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Wolverhampton Wanderers & End of Season promotions Parade

The 2017/18 season was our very first season with the Wolverhampton Wanderers. A very successful one for ourselves and for the club as they were promoted to the Premiership going into the 2018/19 season!

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Burnley FC

Stadium is the primary provider of crowd management, traffic management and HVM barrier requirements for the club at the Claret’s home stadium Turf Moor.

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London Olympics

Stadium allocated 700 accredited staff to provide traffic management, stewarding and security services to 24 venues across North & East London including the Olympic village for the duration of the London Games.

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Liverpool FC

At Liverpool, we are responsible for Anfield Stadium’s traffic management operation and have supplied Liverpool FC with Traffic Management services since 2012, with average attendances of 54,000.

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Godiva Festival

Stadium was responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the site’s vehicle traffic flowing in to and out of the site via a one-way traffic management system.

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Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Stadium provided key security and crowd management services across 3 venues as an official supplier to the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Stadium had a 3 month period between the award of contract and operations going live.

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