We are open and happy to help

Stadium remains open for business as normal despite the difficulties everyone is facing due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Covid-19 pandemic presents new challenges for many businesses but as a nation we must all support each other as much as possible throughout this time of uncertainty.

The health of our staff and their families remains our number one priority, however, as a business we are fortunate to remain open and continue to support our clients, both existing and new.

Stadium is in the best position to help your business as priorities turn to reducing conflict in our everyday lives, keeping people safe and the security of open and closed premises.

As a major supplier to the events industry we have more than 1,000 trained and experienced staff available to provide a range of high-quality services, including:

  • Stewarding and patrols
  • Hiring and installing Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) barriers
  • Car park management
  • Queue management
  • Traffic management
  • Building security and access control
  • Transport and logistics (lorries & vans available)
  • Crowd fencing, traffic signs and cones

Our stewards are trained in crowd safety and the handling of crowd issues, the movement of people, dealing with incidents and emergencies, First Aid, searching, and customer service.

They are also trained to provide the highest standards of security when it comes to protecting businesses.

We would happy to discuss how we can help your business. Please contact us on 024 7518 9999, info@wearestadium.com or visit www.wearestadium.com for more information.

Keeping people safe – that’s what we do.